Update on the Spring 2020 Recitals

All I can promise right now is that a performance will, and I repeat will, take place. You just might not be there in the same room.

Those of you who attended the Chopin recitals will be aware that my next public performances were scheduled for April 29th and May 9th and 10th. When I mentioned those dates, I was keeping my fingers crossed that the coronavirus pandemic would have abated by then, but at this point it's impossible to say whether my usual performance venues will have reopened by then, to say nothing of the advisability of having an audience gather at all.

So I'm going to do what various people have suggested in years past and which, under normal circumstances, I have been reluctant to do. My next performance will be streamed live, via my YouTube channel.

I haven't pinned down the date and time yet, or what I will play, but it'll happen before the end of April and will run for forty-five minutes maximum. I'll post an update here next week.

Til then, take care of yourselves, and hope to see you in person again ere long.

Posted March 23 2020 by Benjamin Nacar