The Dodecatet

In which I am joined by eleven other musicians, all twelve of us either alums or current students from Brown University, playing at our respective homes:

Maya Ramchandran and Natasha Richmond on violin,
Susan Hasegawa and Irene Tang on viola,
Julian Gau and Melanie Ambler on cello,
Amy Lipman on flute, Julia Kirschenbaum on oboe,
Aliosha Bielenberg on clarinet, Anupama Dinesh on bassoon,
Robin Hwang on horn, and me on piano.

I. Allegretto (0:05)
II. Lento - Presto - Tempo I (8:38)
III. Allegro con brio (15:35)

The Dodecatet is essentially a chamber symphony in three movements which I completed early 2015. The original performances were held March of that year, after which I allowed it to languish in the archives - until, with everyone being stuck at home this spring, I emailed several friends and friends of friends and asked if they'd help me resurrect the piece. We've been hard at work on this since mid-May, and despite several logistical and technological setbacks, the complete recording was finished a few days ago and we're all excited to share it with you now.

Special thanks to Robin and Susan for joining the team halfway into the production, and Melanie for putting the bug in my ear about doing remote ensemble projects in the first place.

Posted July 05 2020 by Benjamin Nacar