Highlights (for newcomers)

Journeys for piano and string orchestra

The 1812 Overture on the piano

Jeremiah Robs a Bank (2013), film by Michael Rose

Technical Note

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Complete Scores

Journeys (completed 2014; listen on YouTube)


Here is a sampling of pieces which I have completed but haven't recorded yet.

Post-Collegiate Chamber Music, 2012-

Variations for String Quartet
Sonata for Cello and Piano (performed October 2012 with Daniel Harp)

Six Scenes for Piano (formerly the Etudes-Reves), 2008-2012

No. 1, B-flat major
No. 2, D major (performed April 2011)
No. 3, A-flat major
No. 4, A major
No. 5, F minor
No. 6, C major

Soirees de Providence (ongoing)

Valse-Impromptu no. 1 (2008)


Olaf's Theme (Konzertfantasie in C minor) (2007)

Variations on "Happy Birthday" after Beethoven, Op. 109 (2008?)

The Perkins Hall March (2008)

To be Performed

Overture for Brown University (2012-2014, arr. for concert band 2014)

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