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Jeremiah Robs A Bank (2013)

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Antecollegiate Recording Archive

I made these recordings at home during the last couple of years before college. Sadly, since then I have not found the chance to add to the collection or update specific recordings.


(Excerpts Only)

J. S. Bach

from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II:

Prelude no. 23 in B   (3/17/08)

Fugue no. 23 in B   (3/17/08)

The Goldberg Variations:

Aria   (3/20/08)

Variation I   (3/20/08)

Variation II   (3/20/08)

Variation III   (3/20/08)

Variation IV   (3/20/08)

Variation V   (3/20/08)

Variation VI   (4/10/08)

Variation VII   (4/10/08)

Variation VIII   (3/24/08)

Variation IX   (3/24/08)

Variation X   (5/8/08)

Variation XI   (3/31/08)

Variation XII   (3/31/08)

Variation XIII   (4/3/08)

Variation XIV   (4/8/08)

Variation XV   (4/8/08)

Variation XVI   (4/10/08)

Variation XVII   (4/10/08)

Variation XVIII   (4/10/08)

Variation XIX   (4/21/08)

Variation XX   (6/10/08)

Variation XXI   (8/7/08)

Variation XXII   (8/7/08)

Variations XXIII-XXX and Aria Reprise not yet available

from The Art Of The Fugue:

Contrapunctus I   (4/24/08)

Transcriptions by F. Busoni:

Toccata in C for Organ: Toccata   (3/20/08)

Toccata in C for Organ: Adagio   (3/27/08)

Toccata in C for Organ: Fugue   (3/27/08)

L. van Beethoven

Sonata no. 28 in A

Movement 1   (3/17/08)

Sonata no. 30 in E

Movement 1   (5/2/08)

Movement 2   (7/12/08)

Movement 3   (6/26/08)

F. Schubert

Impromptu in B flat   (3/20/08)

Transcriptions by F. Liszt:

Soirees du Vienne: Valse-Caprice no. 6

F. Chopin

Ballade no. 1 in G minor   (3/17/08)

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